Lydia Smith on holiday in Boreno

Starting something new is always the hardest thing to do, no matter what the situation is, new friendships/relationships, new hobbies, new jobs… because lets face it we are creatures of habit and even for those who deny it, we ALL like routine of some form.

The simple fact is, everything has to start somewhere. I first learnt that from my dad when I got my first boyfriend back when I was 15 (felt so grown up back then), it was all new and exciting to me, but truth be told, the boyfriend wasn’t really “boyfriend” material in my parent’s eyes and eventually mine 2 months down the line. So when it all ended my dad just turned around and said “oh well Liddy, you have to start somewhere” and I’ve remembered it ever since and in fact I have given the same advice to my own friends since!!!

So here I am starting something new… a blog! I’ve been a pro at reading blogs for roughly the last 2/3 years, and have always admired those who have taken the step to set them up. Blogs are great at giving people the freedom to write about what they want and inspiring others.

Now I’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to join the blogging world, I have absolutely no expectations, if anyone takes the time to read my thoughts and feelings I’ll be amazed. So here is a taster of what this blog will include: I want this blog to be exactly what I like about other blogs, so for me I generally prefer picture heavy blogs over wordy ones (although I appreciate this is a very wordy post, the first one has to be.. right?!) I love blogs that involve loads of pictures, particularly of different parts of the world, everyone loves to travel and I love being inspired and getting tips of where to visit and what to do. I also love love LOVE fashion posts!! I have always loved fashion and anything and everything that goes along with it. Thats how I discovered blogs, I always used to look for pictures on the internet for daily inspiration of what I could wear. If I saw outfits I liked I would try to recreate them with my own items, but the outfits that were always my favourite were the “wearable” ones as I call them. Therefore I hope that my outfit posts will inspire people who are like minded and looking for some outfit inspiration.

So rounding it off (because its starting to waffle now I know) the blog is for the everyday person looking for some outfit ideas and some lifestyle ideas based around travel, fashion, beauty and everything else in between. 

                                                             Enjoy, Love Liddy


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