During our trip in Indonesia, we didn’t stay in any one place for longer than 3 days, while this would not be everyone’s cup of tea as you have to live out of suitcase the whole time – not ideal if you’re wanting to dress up and all your clothes are creased – but this suited us perfectly, it meant we got to stay in so many more beautiful places!

The first was Rimba Lodge in Kalimantan. It was quiet and serene paradise and exactly what you imagine jungle hideouts to be like. The staff were so friendly and helpful, there was a relaxed atmosphere and a the sound of monkeys playing in the background.

The main reason for going here was of course…. the orang-utans and they lived up to all expectations I had and more. They were beautiful and we felt so blessed to see them in their natural habitats… as all animals should be, its simply the best way to see them!!


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