These are just a few of my my makeup essentials, I like to mix it up depending on whether its winter/summer, how my skin is (pesky blemishes) so how much coverage I want and if I fancy a dewy look or a more satin look, I tend not to do matte just because I have combination skin and matte foundations seem to stick to all my dry patches.
 Out of all my makeup, I would definitely say I am a secret hoarder for foundations, I just love foundation, its my favourite part of the whole process because I feel it makes the most difference to my complexion.

These particular products are what I use in the evenings on holidays, as in the day time I tend to wear high factor foundations, a less contoured look and a more natural eye, but I love the look these products achieve, its my favourite copper glowy, ethereal look.

First up is Embryolisse, this is one of those multitasking products that can be used for a makeup remover, cleanser, moisturiser, primer .. all round hero. I like it best as a moisturiser/primer. It leaves the skin so smooth and soft creating a great base for foundation.

Next it’s all about the base with Dior Star, its perfection in a bottle, its dewy but not greasy, full coverage but cakey. You can apply it with a Beauty Blender, or a brush, I actually really like it with the beauty blender, it creates an amazing coverage and not streaky, plus I can dab on extra to any areas that need it. This is also great because it is SPF 30 so can be worn in the day time too!

Next thing I like to do is contour/bronze, so I use Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow, its fool proof, you just can’t go wrong with this and the results are amazing, instant killer cheekbones and a golden pop of highlight perfect for when the suns rays hit your cheeks!

I use a blusher on the apples of my cheeks, I actually used two here. The first is an Yves Saint Laurent cream blusher in a bright peachy colour, don’t be put off it looks bright but is the perfect tone of peach. The second is a Chanel one in colour Jersey, they no longer sell this one but there are very similar shades, it is a mix between neutral and peach but it has a shimmer to it, which I adore in blushers, I love as much glowiness as I can possibly get away with before it looks fake.

Next is the eyes, so I used Diorshow Fushion cream eye shadow in shade Meteore, it was limited edition but you may still be able to pick it up online, if not then I also use a Bobby Brown Metallic Long-wear shadow which is very similar in shade Brown Metal.

This is followed by two mascaras, I always just find using 2 different ones works better on my lashes than using the same one but with loads of layers. So I first use Charlotte Tilbury Full Fat Lashes and then Burberry Bold Lash Mascara, this is the darkest mascara I own, lashes always seem to stand out with this on!

Finally is the lips, I like Burberry’s Tulip Pink lipstick, its my absolute favourite shade of pink, its so natural it just enhances your own lip colour, or if I fancy a gloss then I will use this Chanel one, which is really old and I can’t even see the name on the bottom, but its a beautiful sheer peachy tone, perfect for summer!

Please leave me a comment with any of your fave summer makeup products/tips, I always love to try new ideas!!


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