There are so many beautiful beaches surrounding the coastline of Spain, I have been lucky enough to explore quite a few on the south west coast, some of which I have listed below, but there are still so many more I’d like to go to…

Playa De La Muralla

This is the closest beach to where we stay in Jerez, it is around a 20 minute drive from Jerez and is located in El Puerto de Santa Maria. It is what we refer to as a locals beach. It is not a huge beach, nor is it the most picturesque, but it is a small beach and despite its size it there always seems to be space (other than trying to park). It is surrounded by colourful houses and has a row of good restaurants, the one nearest to the beach does some of the best Tortillatas De Camarones around!

The houses fronting the beach are so pretty, all different colours, tip: you get the best view when you are in the water!!

Conil de la Frontera

There are very beaches that fall within this area, I have only been to a handful so will only list the ones I know.

 Playa Los Bateles

this is the main beach that the city centre sits behind, therefore as you can imagine, its heaving in peak season! There is plenty of parking and volunteers in Hi Vis vests are on stand by to help point out parking spaces in exchange for 1 Euro. This is the sort of beach in imagine in Spain, long stretch, plenty of Chiringuitos and safe water. That is a benefit to it being busy, its great for everyone, families, couples, children there are life guards about and the water is always full of people swimming about. As always, the back of the beach is empty and the front is totally compact of people wanting to be as close to the water as possible/ be on sand cool enough to walk on, in 38 degree heat the sand is piping! Top tip: Book a space at the Chiringuitos as soon as you get there to avoid disappointment… they get super busy!

Playa El Palmar

We actually didn’t manage to make it here this time round as we wanted to try out new beaches, but this beach is great for those who like long stretches of beach but less hectic vibes. You can really space yourself out here, there are limited Chiringuitos, but the ones that are there are traditional and offer good food. It is also the closest beach to Vejer de la Frontera, one of the most beautiful villages we came across in Andalusia, it is the picture perfect all white village with amazing views and really sweet boutiques and restaurants, definitely worth a visit!

 Playa La Fuente Del Gallo

We discovered this beach by chance when we were at La Barossa (featured below) and it was just too windy to stay put all day, so we had to venture out and find a new beach hideout. Parking was no problem here, no formal parking or even volunteers after your euros, but just a deserted space where cars are parked. It is a short walk down some steps to the beach, but definitely worth getting out of breath for when you have to eventually walk back up! It is the perfect beach for windy days as it lies lower than most and the banks and large boulders lining the back of the beach act as a wind break. It’s a really picturesque beach and makes for a beautiful sunset watch spot! Only mildly negative remark is its  width, it is a very narrow beach particularly when the tide is in, however that only made me love it more as it meant you practically had the sea at your feet and no one could sit in front of view and spoil the sea view!!

Calas de Roche

This isn’t a single beach but is actually a bunch of small coves (as is the English translation for Cala). We were recommended to head here when it was too windy at La Barrosa (detailed below) as these are sheltered from the wind. These are some of the most picturesque beaches I have come across as the sea view is beautiful overlooking the drop of the cliffs. The only issue with these is access. They get incredibly busy (both with parking and actual space on the sand) so if you arrive at 4/5pm like we did as the locals are just awaking from siesta and heading back to the beaches there is absolutely no space left on the larger coves where there are steps leading all the way down, so we (and many others) had to walk along to others, we spotted one that was tiny but empty, and got all excited thinking it would be like a private beach, until we discovered there were three steps to a viewing platform and then the rest of the way would have included scrambling down the rocks and the cliff so we decided against this… as did the many others. If you are wanting to go to these, which I would recommend doing, try to go either early in the morning, or around 2pm.

Chiclana De La Frontera

Chiclana De La Frontera is slowly become filled with all inclusive resorts and tourists, which whilst is great for the economy, is not so great for finding space on a beach, however I do think each of the resorts probably have their own beaches therefore the ones listed below still maintain a real Spanish vibe!

Sancti Petri

I haven’t actually been back to this beach in a couple of years, but it used to be one of my favourites. It never seemed to get overcrowded, plus its a huge beach and I even liked that there was only one Chiringuito! The only thing with this beach is the current in the water, you don’t realise when you are in it, but when it comes to getting out you struggle to find your pitch on the beach because you’ve drifted along so much.

La Barrosa

La Barrosa is the more mainstream beach of Chiclana, loads of white beach houses line the back of the beach, and there are a few good Chiringuitos (although slightly overpriced). Due to its size the beach never feels overcrowded and the water is always pleasant to swim in. Parking never seems to be an issue either. It does feel the impact on windy days, so choose a calm day to go.

Playa de Zahara de los Atunes

We trekked a good hour and a half to get here from Jerez because we had heard great things, and the moment you reach the coast you understand why, the water is the most perfect shade of turquoise making the view breathtaking. We reached the centre of the town and tried to finding parking, chaos kicks in. It is not an easy task, but we managed it eventually. The town itself is very buzzy and thriving with people, not surprising as it is a white village with a few cute boutique shops. The lead up walk to the beach is great, and the beach itself was great too with loads of space to choose from. The only issue as per other beaches mentioned was the wind. It was too windy to the point where we had to leave, sand was getting everywhere you don’t want it, so we headed off, but this beach is perfect for those who like long strolls along the beach as it goes on for miles.

Los Canos de Meca

If you are looking for the real rugged boho beach life, then this is the place for you. It sits within a conversation park and has a string of ultra cool shabby chic style restaurants and cafes and a real laid back vibe. It is also home to the nudist beach, so make no mistake when picking your spot for the day. Like with all the popular places, parking is a chore, but try not to be put off because the beaches make it all worth it. Like Calas de Roche these are broked down into smaller coves/bays and are all protected from the wind however unlike Calas de Roche they only involve a small walk down a slope/steps to reach them but are generally accessible to all. This particular one we ended up on, was actually just out of the centre of the village, and was really quiet, the tide was out so we could sit right next to the water but were unable to swim due to the rocks, however when the tide came in it was perfect to swim in, it’s definitely one of my firm favourites!

If anybody knows of any other hidden gem beaches within Costa del Luz, please leave a comment below, I would love to check them out!


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