Olvera is a small but charming white village in Andalusia. If you want to truly experience real Spanish culture without any tourists, this is the place to go. 

We hunted it out on a map and planned our route. We arrived at about 3pm in the afternoon, which in fairness, is still siesta time, but there was not a soul in site. No tourists and not even any locals, it is the sleepiest village we have come across in Spain, but it didn’t bother us, in fact it adds to its charm.

We parked the car along the street and headed up the narrow streets. You can see the amazing castle from a distance and our aim was to reach it. It amazes me that even these tiny villages still have incredible and beautiful buildings, just highlighting how historic these villages are.

We strolled the steep steps and eventually we reached a large church and viewing point, we were close enough to the castle for our liking, as in 45 degree heat we decided against clambering up any further.

The views were incredible, and we were so pleased we stopped here, but I would not recommend this as a whole day trip, but more of a passing place if you are doing a longer journey and want something to see on the way.


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