You are constantly reminded that you are in Switzerland with lots of flags on show, it is definitely one of their definitive factors. In general Zurich is a great city with lots of different parts to it and like lots of cities it is very diverse. I do have a couple of favourite spots which I have shared below.

My first pick is Rennweg, it is actually a street running diagonally off of Bahnhofstrasse. You can’t miss it because of how colourful it is. It is a cobbled street, full of different colour buildings, lots of smaller shops (including my faves Sandro and Maje) and of course all the different Canton Flags. My boyfriend, who is half Swiss, can actually walk along and identify all the different Cantons, I should know them by now but still get confused…whoops!

If you follow Rennweg all the way up it leads to my second choice, Lindenhof. This is all part of old town Zurich, and it is so picturesque. As you are walking along you can’t miss the steep steps veering off to the left, you have to follow them up because they lead to this beautiful square with Lindenhof Fountain sitting in the centre. The views over the rest of Zurich are amazing from this point. Everytime I am in Zurich I have to spot by here just to take another look, it is so peaceful from up here you feel like you have just found a hidden enclave.

If you follow the steps back down and then follow the path immediately in front of you, you end up in the square by St Peter Church. This is another small square, but is surrounded by the most sweetest houses and apartments, that are so well kept they are also fairytale like. There is a tree in the centre and at christmas time it has fairy lights in it, lighting up the whole of this area. It is definitely worth a visit.

So there you have it, just a few select favourites of mine that I go back to time and time again, I don’t think I could ever get bored of these.


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