This beautiful village was our final stop during our short stay and just like the others it did not disappoint.

Medina Sidonia is yet another beautiful and unique Pueblos Blancos (White Village) in Andalusia, and just like the other few I have visited there is amazing eye catching building (usually church or castle) situated at the top of the village which is visible from miles away.

This village is apparently considered by some as the oldest village in Andalusia, being used as a military defence due its highly elevated location. It’s medieval charm is still visible here and it has a real authentic vibe to it.

It’s not geared up for tourists but they, as always, are welcome. However, when I say geared up for tourists I mean in terms of parking etc and there are no tourist car parks here, it is a dive in where you can find a space scenario.

We parked up, and strolled up the hill, following the few locals that were buzzing about, and as we had anticipated we reached the centre. Here lies a large square, fairly bare, with a few restaurants and cafe’s scattered around.

When you look up you instantly see the church at the top, so we knew that was the direction we wanted to be heading.

When we reached the top of the village and inevitably the church, we were surrounded by panoramic views. Not wanting to rush down, we popped into a little restaurant and had the most delicious lunch whilst surrounded by breathtaking views of Andalusia. We didn’t want to leave. In fact, we discovered that the restaurant was also listed on Air B n B and is the perfect romantic hideaway for two, with it’s own private pool… this would definitely be my recommendation for accommodation here!


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