I know this post is such a change (mostly in climate) from my previous posts, but I thought it was quite apt to share a warmer look seeing as winter seems to be lingering here in London.

I have seen faux fur looks all over insta within the past year, and I’ve loved some and I’ve hated some but I was browsing the internet before my trip to Zurich back in March (I know this is way over due) and I saw this gorgeous Khaki faux fur coat and it was on sale, so I quickly purchased it.

One of my biggest tests of whether I want to keep clothes or not, is seeing what comments I get from a) my mum and b) my boyfriend (does anyone else do this BTW?!) most of the time if they both agree they don’t like it, but I do, I ignore them and keep it anyway, but if I am unsure then this works a treat.

My mum was full of compliments about it, but my bf not so much… but one out of two was good enough for me and so I kept it. It is perfect to throw on to jazz up outfits, and the khaki colour means it over lairy either which is great.

I paired it with black wax look jeans, an off the shoulder top and these whiskey coloured heeled boots, which are pretty comfy to walk about in despite the high heel and ofc ourse my gorgeous YSL bag.

Let me know your thoughts below and if you have purchased any faux fur this year?


Coat | Parka via ASOS

Top | Massimo (sold out, similar below)

Boots | H&M (sold out, similar below)

Jeans | Old Topshop (similar below)

Bag | Saint Laurent


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