We visited Lisbon back in April, it was a surprise birthday present from me to my boyfriend, but which I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy too.

Lisbon had been one of the places Marco has been saying he wants to visit pretty much the whole time I have known him, so this year I took the plunge and treated him!

I told him only the night before we were leaving that we were going to Lisbon, I had actually convinced him we were going somewhere in the UK and to pack warm clothes he didn’t mind getting muddy, he was definitely relieved to be able to pack in a pair of shorts instead.

I needed an outfit that would work for travelling in the morning and then spending the rest of the day sight seeing, so it needed to be comfy but I still wanted to feel good  ( especially as there would be loads of holiday snapping).

So I immediately knew I wanted to wear jeans. I bought these patch work ones recently from Levi, they were on sale otherwise I don’t think I would have purchased them as they are definitely out of my comfort zone, but I’m so pleased I did as I really love them, they are so comfy and such a nice shape and colour. Patch work jeans really add detail to outfits, so I was able to keep the rest of the look simple with just a white shirt. I made sure it had long sleeves just in case it was chilly in Lisbon (it was beautiful all weekend luckily).

Although the shirt is simple, I really like the ruched detailing on the bottom as well as the lace up back, it means I can wear this shirt in the evening time and still feel I have made enough effort.

One of my best buys were these shoes. I had seen them on Sandro website quite a while again but they came up for a limited sale and before I could purchase them the sale ended and they disappeared for good. I was so disappointed, but after a google search (good ol’ google) I found them on Hardly Ever Worn It. It was the first time I had come across this website, but it was really good the shoes were cheaper and had never been worn before, plus because you deal directly with the seller I was able to ask for speedy delivery in time, per-fect!

Last up is the trench coat. Reformation win my heart over every time I visit their website, I want EVERYTHING! But anyway, I saw this and searched high and low for a similar one, it had to be linen, long and the same colour and of course when you set your standards that high nothing can compete, so I took the plunge and bought it, I have definitely got my money’s worth already! I think living in London/UK in general a trench coat goes further than just a want, it’s necessary!


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