I don’t know about you, but when I think of a lake house the first place that springs to mind is Scandinavia, so when my parents informed the family we were going to be celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary in a lake house cabin I didn’t imagine them to say it was in the UK, even more so when I saw the pictures.

Sitting only a 15 minute drive out of Circencester in the Cotswolds hidden away amongst lots of small country roads and a 130 acre nature reserve and of course a large lake, lies Log House Holidays.

We spent three nights here at the end of May and had no intensions of doing anything other than relaxing and enjoying the escape from London. There was six of us so we stayed in Keno Lodge however there are 8 log houses facilitating any number of people from 2-11.

Each cabin has its own beach area, incredible lake views, a rowing boat and if you want it, a hot tub too (I definitely think it adds to the whole experience). Additionally, each cabin is eco-friendly, which in this day and age is a massive tick box for most!

Log House Holidays also offer extras such as paddle boards and bikes, so there is definitely something for the more active types, but equally there is an option to arrange spa treatments right in the comfort of your own cabin, if you are looking for a more relaxing stay.

Each log house has the same theme of interior, Scandinavian/chalet inspired with all wooden finishes with a real authentic feel built from Finnish pine logs. Keno Lodge had such a homely feel to it we were able to settle in instantly.

We arrived on a Friday morning, thankfully to beautiful weather and were taken back by the serenity of the Log house, each one is so perfectly secluded you feel you have the whole lake to yourself, but then you hear the knock on the door of the Ocado delivery man and you are suddenly reminded that you are closer to civilisation than you think. And yes, Ocado does deliver here which was perfect as we had no plans on leaving the cabin all weekend.

We had done meal prep before we left so planned to have BBQ’s and a raclette, as ofcourse being in the UK the weather is unpredictable so you need the reassurance of warm food, and that just had to be cheese.

We quickly adopted a routine whilst we were there which was pretty much based around meals (as are most holiday routines) so up at 10 for scrambled egg breakfasts, then some active time either riding the bikes or out on the rowing boat/paddle boards, somewhere in between that there was time for lunch and a cold cider, in the afternoon we played scrabble… which isn’t our usual thing but it was there and we quickly became addicted… somehow scrabble in a scandi vibe Log house is way more appealing than any other time. Then in the evenings dinner, red wine, toasted marshmallows around the fire pit and a hot tub seshion under the stars.

It was one of the most relaxing weekends I have had in a long time, and being so close to home at just a two hour car journey, meant there was such little time wasted on travel which was a bit of a luxury when compared to the hassle of long distance travel, so if you are based in the UK and looking for an escape close to home or from further afield and looking for a unique stay here in the UK, this should definitely be on your radar.





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