Paris is known for producing amazing skincare and I think we all envy French Women’s lit from within glow, in fact I used to try and hunt down french products on the internet that you could easily pick up at pharmacies there but not so easily here.
“a woman’s skin is a mirror, reflecting her life”
– Pierre Darphin
Darphin captures the epitome of french skincare with its high standards and beautiful natural ingredients. One of Darphin’s key features is the heavenly aroma’s of the botanical’s and with that comes their exquisite signature packaging of the glass jars and the colourful elixirs still visible underneath.
I was so excited to receive these products from Darphin, as although I do not live in Paris I have always been a fan of the brand ever since discovering them in Space NK about 6 years ago and I have always regarded them as one of the luxury skincare brands on the market. I had never tried any of these particular products before now, but I have been using them over the last week both AM and PM as advised in the “how to use” so I thought I would share my thoughts on these.
First up is the cleansing balm. I am a big fan of cleansing balms, I just really love the way they leave your skin feeling once washed off, I am never left with tight or tacky skin when using balms and find they are more moisturising than a lot of other cleansers. This Rosewood Balm is no exception, is smells incredible, like all the Darphin products, the first thing you notice is the smell but they are not overwhelming, they are more like the smells we all love and know at spas. This balm leaves my skin glowing.
Following on from this is the Hydraskin Serum. I don’t use serum’s very often, as I have found that they can leave my skin feeling sticky and are quite often highly perfumed. However this one is the opposite, it is incredibly refreshing on the skin barely leaving a trace of its existence and it has such a subtle smell, so all you are left with is the extra hydration you need.

The third AM/PM step is the Hydraskin Light Gel Cream, which is a lovely lightweight moisturiser, the idea is to hydrate without clogging pores or causing oiliness and leaving skin dewy and fresh faced for either going makeup free, or acting almost like a primer ready to apply foundation. A little bit goes a long way and again my face was left feeling hydrated but completely untacky and fresh which is what I seek from a moisturiser.
Darphin creates all different types of oil elixirs, but I was sent the Chamomile Aromatic Care, which is designed to reduce calm and reduce redness in the face. You apply 5 drops of this only in the evening after the serum but before the moisturiser, my skin is generally quite even however can get blotchy around the chin, so I feel this was my main target for this. This is also very light on the skin but slightly more fragrant than the serum. It is aimed at sensitive skin, and whilst some oils can be harsh this is definitely not and leaves the skin more soothed.
Lastly is the revitalising Oil, this is multi purpose as can be used on the face, hair or body. I haven’t tested it out on my face as I think the other products already have that covered, but I have used it on my hair, more as a night treatment, as my hair is quite fine and could risk looking greasy, but my main love for this oil is on the body. It’s amazing!!!! It just sinks right in to my skin, has the most perfect scent and leaves my skin feeling incredibly soft and smooth without feeling greasy, and not just after the initial application, but right up until I shower, and following that I apply more, it is a saviour for dry skin!
I have been impressed by all the Darphin products, they all work really well on my skin and I definitely feel they leave my skin with a glow after I follow all the steps, so I am definitely on track to achieving my french lit from within skincare goals.
If you want to try out the products yourself, Darphin is offering a 15% discount code on until the 10th July, just enter the code ‘liveparisian’ at the checkout.


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